About the HMB

The Home Mission Board (HMB) is a ministry of the Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (RPCNA).
Its main purpose is to advance the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, specifically through strengthening and expanding the Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America in both its organization and its evangelical witness and teaching.

What is the 2020 Vision?

The 2020 Vision is a goal adopted by the 2005 Synod which seeks to strengthen home missions by making evangelism and church planting a renewed priority for the church. The 2020 Vision hopes to see the RPCNAgrow to 100 congregations and mission churches by the year 2020. When adopted in 2005, there were 78 churches and 6 mission churches for a total of 83. We rejoice in 2016 that we have reached the goal of 100! For more information check out our Planting section.

Specific Purposes

  • Establish and promote the establishment of congregations throughout North America by Presbyteries.
  • Facilitate the establishment of new RPCNA congregations in North America by providing Counsel, Encouragement, Resources, and Training (CERT) to its Presbyteries.
  • Aid Presbyteries financially in the work of church extension and missions through the administration of the funds committed to the Board by the Synod.
  • Encourage Presbyteries to train qualified persons who are under their supervision for church extension ministry.
  • Promote in the church the understanding of the relationship between sound doctrine and evangelistic work.
  • Encourage the church to a continual repentance from our sinful carelessness, and to continue renewal of faithfulness, in the essential of work of evangelism.
  • Help develop the outworking of evangelism in the life of the church.