Currently there are 10-12 who regularly attend the Las Vegas Fellowship. “On the fence” are another 8 or so from a local church who come out occasionally to hear preaching and to attend the midweek fellowship. Midweek the group is going through the Shorter Catechism and focusing on discipleship one to another. The love and mutual support of the group is very evident.

Live preaching is every other week, while, on the off weeks, Reformed Voice is utilized in the stated services. The group and the Pacific Coast Presbytery are thankful for the many men from all over the denomination who have come to preach at worship services.

Recently a young woman, who is a pharmacist in the area, was doing research on Civil War general D. H. Hill. As an unbeliever she was struck by his firm religious conviction and his unwavering faith all throughout his life of hardship and tragic loss. She obtained a copy of the Westminster Standards for further research and became convinced by the Scripture proofs that what she was reading was the truth. She made contact with the Las Vegas group out of a craving to hear the word of God as well as for fellowship with those who share her beliefs. Thus she became convicted of her sins and converted by the saving power of God’s word. How great is God’s sovereignty that all things be done according to His immutable will and all to His everlasting glory.

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